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Unlike many other appraisal software, Freedom is cloud based so there is no need to purchase a server licenses or additional installs to access your reports away from the office. In fact you can log on to any computer with an internet connection to access your reports. Freedom’s cloud based design will allow you the ability to work from your favorite vacation spot, cruise ship or simply the front seat of your car.

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The Premier Cloud Based Appraisal Software

Easy and Comprehensive

Freedom's design simplifies the appraisal process, reducing confusion and stress to allow you to focus on appraising not software.

Workfile Support

Freedom's cloud based design allows you to access your workfile on any device from any location in the world. You'll gain the ability to view, add, and securely upload your full workfile to our servers. Upon signing the report all workfile items are downloaded to your local computer for backup.

Device Independent

Freedom is designed to work on any browser which allows you to work on any device without concerns of operating system requirements.

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At Freedom our goal is to provide you with tools that give you a more efficient, flexible and mobile work life. If you’re ready to simplify your process and gain more freedom let us get you started today.

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